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About Us

We are nature lovers everywhere. We have no specific organization or leader - we hope everyone who makes the commitment will be a leader in their own way and will ask everyone in their organization to join them. Two Thirds for the Birds is an idea, a community, and a limitless possibility. We, and the birds, are counting on you and your love of nature to make it fly. Far and Wide.

Two Thirds for The Birds was originated by Edwina von Gal and Perfect Earth Project as something the eco-stressed population can do to make a real difference, and feel better too. It is, in particular, a call to action to the landscape design professional community to design ONLY earth positive landscapes from this moment on. Why wouldn't you?


"12th & Buttonwood" by joãokẽdal

With thanks to all of you for being especially helpful


John Fitzpatrick
Executive Director Emeritus, Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Elijah Goodwin
Ecological Database Coordinator, Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture

Carl Safina
The Safina Center

Doug Tallamy
Entomologist, University of Delaware

Edwina von Gal
, Perfect Earth Project

Evan Abramson
Principal, Landscape Interactions

Artists and Designers

Topos Graphics, Branding and website design

James La Marre, Website development

Billy Sullivan, Bird Wallpaper (THE LIST)


Timothy Erdmann

Grace McNeill

Holly Ransom


The Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Native Plants Trust

The Garden Conservancy

Homegrown National Park

The safina Project

Non Toxic Neighborhoods

Perfect Earth Project

The Conway School

Quogue Wildlife Refuge
Wild Ones

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You are making a commitment to an easy action with visible positive environmental impact: planting two native plants for every three and swearing off pesticides.

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